Tips for Car battery replacement Singapore

If you are not careful and do not keep your car battery clean and charged, it can lead to inefficient performance or even cause the battery to start leaking. What should you do when your car will not run or move? Here are some easy tips that will guide you through car battery replacement singapore

Always know the signs of bad car batteries

  • Car that won’t start, won’t move or turns off too quickly
  • Battery draining without putting gas in it
  • Sparks coming from under the hood when trying to start a cold engine
  • Finding a replacement car battery in Singapore-Ask your mechanic, shop, or even search online for the best deals-Just make sure you get brand new
  • Cleaning and servicing your car battery-Clean DMT (data match terminal) and terminals on posts with a wire brush, then apply a small amount of grease to ensure electrical contact
  • Installing replacement car batteries correctly -Start by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery with a wrench as it is more exposed to damage compared to the positive terminal-Then, connect the positive first(most times red cable is positive), then the negative last(black cable usually for negative). Make sure you have everything tight enough so no sparks occur when starting the car or revving the engine.

7 Signs You Have A Bad Car Battery | - Arizona Daily Star

  • Testing car battery-If your new battery is not working well after a day, or has completely leaked or smells like rotten eggs, there is a high chance that it has been damaged in shipping. You should immediately return the defective battery and get a replacement.
  • Differences between car batteries:-Flooded (wet) batteries are the most common and older types of car batteries-Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are best for people who live in areas where freezing weather occurs as AGM batteries are best for cold climates as they do not contain a toxic liquid electrolyte which can freeze up and even crack the glass mat inside the battery.
  • Make sure your car battery is well maintained-Use distilled water to top up moisture as the battery can be damaged if dry, or has too much moisture in it-Clean terminals and posts every time you work on them to ensure electrical contact-Clean and grease the cables so they move easily inside the terminal
  • Afterwards, your car will be running smoothly again.

Final Verdict

If you are not careful and do not keep your car battery clean and charged, it can lead to inefficient performance or even cause the battery to start leaking.


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