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Milan offers top class services, avant-garde  shows, education and research institutes, artistic spots and cultural events.

Amongst them in 2019 Milan will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Genius of Leonardo da Vinci, a unique occasion to visit and appreciate the gems that Leonardo has dedicated to Milan: the “Last Supper” and the scientific and cultural heritage locked up in the Museum of Sciences

For these reasons and strong of the success of the preceding IFSCC Conferences in Italy and of the scientific top level granted by the IFSCC, we expect a large participation of researchers, specialists and opinion leaders, therefore assuring a maximum visibility to the Supporting Companies!

Far from the traditional hierarchical classification, any supporting Company will be allocated in the Constellation space were the benefits will be differentiated in terms of visibility and number of services and gratuities offered; adopting a Conference session or workshop, for example, will rise the Company reputation to a leading level in that scientific area.

The “Milky Way” will lead to the B2B corners with a guided tour through the Coffee Corners, the Gourmet Lunch stations and the Poster areas! 

Look at the incoming instruction folder and to each Constellation to understand the Benefits you can have supporting this extraordinary event