Beyond beer-discovering the full bar menu at crooked pint ale house

Crooked Pint Ale House

Crooked Pint Ale House is known for its extensive selection of beers on tap, but did you know they also have a full bar menu? That’s right, there’s more to this popular ale house than just beer. In fact, some might argue that the real gems are found on the cocktail menu.

Crooked Pint serves up all your favourite cocktails like margaritas, martinis, and old-fashioned. They spicy twist on the classic margarita with their Jalapeno Margarita made with jalapeno-infused tequila and fresh lime juice. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Espresso Martini made with vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and freshly brewed espresso for a pick-me-up that will keep the night going strong.

  • But what really sets Crooked Pint apart is creative spin on traditional drinks. Take their Bloody Marys for example. Instead of just vodka and tomato juice, they offer three different variations: The Classic Bloody Mary, The Bacon Bloody Mary and The Firehouse Bloody Mary. Each one comes garnished with a skewer of cheese curds and a mini burger slider talk about taking brunch to the next level!
  • The standout drink is their Smoked Old Fashioned. This signature cocktail is made with smoked bourbon, orange bitters, and simple syrup, and garnished with an orange peel and cherry. The smoky flavor adds depth this classic drink and makes it truly unique.
  • For those looking for something a little lighter or non-alcoholic, Crooked Pint also offers a variety of mocktails such as the Cucumber Cooler made with muddled cucumber, mint leaves, lime juice, and soda water. And don’t forget about their selection of wines – there’s something for every palate.
  • But it’s not just about the drinks at Crooked Pint Ale House food just as impressive as their bar menu. Start off with some shareable appetizers like the Loaded Tater Tots topped with bacon bits and cheddar cheese sauce or the Beer Cheese Dip served with soft pretzel bites.
  • For something more substantial try their burgers like the Juicy Lucy stuffed with cheese or the Breakfast Burger topped with bacon, egg, and hollandaise sauce offers sandwiches like the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich or Fish Tacos served on corn tortillas.

And let’s not forget about dessert! Indulge in some warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillets or Mini Donuts served with raspberry dipping sauce. So next time you’re at Crooked Pint Ale House for happy hour or dinner, don’t just stick to your usual beer order explore their full bar menu! With creative cocktails and delicious food options to pair them with, you’ll be glad you ventured beyond beer.


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