Back to basics: Choosing gardening and homesteading for a simpler life

do it yourself gardening and homesteading

People back then used farming as the major source of income to grow organic fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, urban life is starting to embrace the earlier things to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can easily do it yourself gardening and homesteading. Gardening and homesteading are considered to be great options for leading a sustainable yet self-sufficient lifestyle. Using these methods, you can easily grow your plants, rear animals in a smaller place, and reduce the dependence on chemically treated goods. This will allow you to sustain an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and can increase your life days. Let’s have a closer look into the methods of gardening and homesteading in this article:

Growing crops

  1. Choose a location– The location that you choose should

get an ample amount of sunlight and be protected from strong winds. The water supply should be feasible near the location as watering would be required regularly.

  1. Choose crops that can be grown in that area –The climatic conditions should be considered while choosing the crops. It is possible to grow a mix of fruits or vegetables to ensure your harvest is more diverse yet nutritious and healthy.
  2. Soil should be well-aerated–The soil can be prepared well by removing debris, rocks, and weeds from it. The soil should be dug properly to loosen it up to allow proper aeration in the soil. Compost can be added to the soil to increase its fertility and structure before growing crops.
  3. Crops should be watered regularly– The crops need to be planted by taking space and depth conditions in mind. As the plant grows the pest conditions need to be monitored frequently. To have a proper harvest, frequent watering is required. In this manner, you can do it yourself gardening and homesteading.

Raising animals

Even you can raise animals for food such as milk, honey, and eggs. Common animals that can be reared in a small place include chickens, goats, and bees. You need to research properly the requirements to raise a certain animal with proper care and nutrition. The animals need to be fed with a proper diet and clean water. Regular check-ups need to be conducted for ensuring proper health and well-being.


Gardening and homesteading are considered to be excellent options to lead a sustainable life. By following the above simple steps you can have your garden or a farm with animals to produce your organic goods.


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