Different Types of Surgical Facelift: Read from the Victoria Facelift Review

victoria facelift review

Facelift surgery, medically termed rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery conducted to decrease the signs of aging that tend to appear on our faces as we age. It is also effective in treating the telltale signs of aging, and the prime focus of this surgery is to enhance the overall look of your jawline and face. This surgical procedure can potentially reverse the effects of aging, exposure to elements, and stress. The surgery is conducted under the supervision of certified and highly qualified plastic surgeons. The surgery involves lifting and tightening underlying facial muscles to offer pleasing and beautiful contours and appearance while rejuvenating the facial structure. You can get more information from the victoria facelift review. Let us discuss more about facelift and their advantages.

Why do you need a facelift?

In the past many years, much research has been conducted in the field to introduce advancing technologies and techniques to effectively reverse the signs of aging. These studies proved fruitful, as several such surgical treatment options are available today in medical science that can help patients achieve a more youthful appearance, apart from other traditional surgical facelift procedures.

Mini facelift or ‘S’ lift

Mini facelift surgery is a less invasive type of facelift that offers temporary results. It is a temporary solution for facial aging with a faster recovery timer. This surgery is also popularly called an “S” lift because of its type and the incision shape.

  • Procedure: The procedure starts with the incisions made from the hairline around the ear with the scars concealed in the skin’s creases. This procedure is conducted to lift and reposition the soft tissue and skin of your face, and it can also be performed with an endoscope. The plastic surgeons will reposition the skin carefully with the help of small sutures. This surgical procedure is perfect for young candidates who have premature aging signs and don’t want to undergo a complete facelift. Since it involves fewer incisions, the recovery time is much shorter.

Today, you will come across different types of surgical facelift options, and these surgical procedures vary in the type of incision used, how invasive it is, and the areas where the treatment has to be done. To know the best and most suitable type of surgical facelift for you, discussing and understanding all the surgical procedures conducted today is essential.

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