How does the mammograms work?

The cancer with highest risk in women after certain age is the breast cancer. Every women have equal chance to get attacked with the breast cancer. So, women have to be cautious about and have to do regular check-ups. The most common investigation used for the screening or diagnosis of the breast cancer is the mammogram. It is commonly suggested by the doctors to have a annual mammogram for every woman after forty. There is more incidence of breast cancer to the woman after the age of forty. The mammograms are completely safe as they use very less dose of X rays. There are two types of mammograms known as screening mammograms and diagnostic mammograms. The mammograms show the abnormal areas of the breast tissue. The mammograms can’t finalize that the abnormal tissue found in the barest is the cancerous tissue. You need to have further investigations to get performed if you find anything abnormal in the breast tissue. You can even go for the breast biopsy where a tissue from the breast is taken and send it to the lab. The pathologist performs the test and take a section from the tissue to observe under microscope.

The cell changes in the tissue can tell you about the type of change in the tissue whether it is cancerous or not. The main types of changes found in the mammogram screening in Vernon is the masses and calcifications. The process of taking the mammogram is very simple and requires very less time. The mammograms are generally performed by the technicians. The technicians can’t tell the diagnosis of the X ray but know the process to take the X ray. You have to meet the doctor or radiologist for complete diagnosis from the x ray. The mammograms are designed only to take the radiographs of the breast tissue. The dosage of the mammograms are very less compared to the conventional x Ray machines that are used for other body parts. As the low dosage x rays can’t go completely into the breast tissue, the plates in the x ray machine flattens it to make the x rays penetrate through it easily. This process of flattening and taking the image gives the best image with very low dosage. Many women have a doubt of safety of taking the mammogram repeatedly. They feel that such radiation is harmful. But as the dosage is very less, mammograms are completely safe.


Hope you got an idea on the process of taking mammograms.


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