Pediatric Dentistry for Little Kids


Visiting a pediatric dentistry in Singapore can be stressful for little kids, especially visiting for the first time. Sitting in the dentist’s chair in a clinical setting is enough to make a full-grown adult squirm in the seat.

About a pediatric dentist.

A dentist for pediatrics in Singapore is a dentist who is specialized to focuses on the care of children’s teeth. They are well trained for an extra three-year specialist course to learn specifically about treating children’s teeth. This has been in addition to a general dentistry degree.

Pediatric dentists can treat children from birth up to eighteen years of age, managing baby teeth oral care, tooth cavities, or any other specific kid problems such as baby bottle tooth decay or nursing.

It is important to know that a pediatric dentist is also an expert in managing children with special needs. They are trained in a way to talk to children with autism, genetic conditions, speech impairment, etc. A pediatric dentist always develops a good relationship with the little one from an early age, lessening his or her fear during dental visits. Many pedodontist clinics are equipped with TV, iPads, toys, and cartoons with colorful designs so that kids may even look forward to visits to the dentist.

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Expectation from a pediatric dentist.

During the first-time visit of children or kids to the dentist, the pediatric dentist will advise an individual on a whole lot of information about the baby’s dental health like pacifier habits, issues of teething, finger-sucking habits, mouth cleaning, and teeth brushing techniques and is just like a mini info session.

The dentist also examines the teeth of a child or kids and mouth hygiene and informs about the risk of cavities and tooth decay, as well as of the child’s bite.

The most common reasons for a poor bite or teeth misalignment are frequent finger sucking, frequent use of pacifiers, and prolonged baby bottle feeding. These habits can result in a child’s teeth and jaw development.

It is a normal phenomenon for children or kids to cry or fuss as the dentist prods in the mouth. An experienced pediatric dentist can manage that well so that the entire experience is a positive one for the little kiddo. In some cases, the kid dentists are experts at distraction techniques.

During the visit with the dental pediatrician, please observe if the dentist can build a strong bond with the child and whether the child is comfortable after seeing him/her. As a parent, one should feel comfortable discussing all concerns and asking for advice from the dentist pediatric.

In the case of both i.e child and parent like the demeanor and style of this dentist, one may now easily rebook another follow-up appointment for the child. If not satisfied, look for another dentist and try them out to find one who is truly caring about the kid’s well-being.


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