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WS5 - The Misterious life of colour (in Make-Up)
Where: Mico, Blue Room 3 - When: Sept, 30th 10.30/13.30
A dynamic workshop based on frontal lessons and a fascinating and interesting practical experience to deepen the articulated and complex world of cosmetic color.

Content and Objectives:
- Basic color principles and measurements: the physical properties of basic colors and their combinations. Analytical tools to measure color (colorimeter and CIELAB color space)
- Raw materials in make-up products: classifications of pigments, pearlescent pigments and their physical properties.
- Make-up product categories and color matching principles: powders, emulsions and anhydrous products, systematical approach to match a requested color.
- Color quality assessment and production: colorist qualification (Munsell test) and color control process;
- Color matching experience.

Worth for: Young Cosmetologists, Junior Colorists, Buyer, Marketing dept. employees


F. Bertani - Head of Color Development. Intercos

Federico Bertani was born in Parma, Italy, and received his Master Degree in Organic Chemistry in 2010. The next year he worked in the QC-R&D labs at Eulip S.p.A. In 2014 he spent 6 months at MIT in Boston under the supervision of Prof. T. Swager as part of his PhD in Materials Science (gained in 2015). In 2016 he worked for 1 year in Tokyo, Japan at the JST-ACCEL (Japan Science and Technology Agency) in pharma. In 2016 he joined Intercos at the Industrialization department. He is currently the Head of Color Development.

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