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WS6 – Green technologies and solvents: the cosmetic challenge
Where: Mico, Blue Room 3 - When: Sept, 30th 14.00/16.00
An in-depth workshop consisting of fronctal lectures to explore the wide and prominent topic of green chemistry, particularly in the cosmetic field and in the cosmetic application.

Content and Objectives:
- Deepening of the key concepts of green chemistry and their application in green extraction of natural substances.
- Examining the use of alternative solvents and how to follow the “six principles of Green Extraction of Natural Products”.
- Exploring how cosmetic industry can take advantage from non-conventional techniques and process intensification both in term of ingredient quality and production costs.

Worth for: R&D technicians, Cosmetologists, Chemists.


F. Chemat -
Professor of Chemistry at Avignon University
Farid Chemat was born in Blida, Algeria. He received his PhD degree (1994) in process engineering from the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse-France. After periods of postdoctoral research work, he moved to the University of La Réunion (France DOM) as assistant professor and since 2006 holds the position of Professor at the University of Avignon (France). He is also Director of Green Extraction Team at Avignon University. His main research interests are focused on innovative and sustainable extraction techniques, protocols and solvents for food, pharmaceutical, fine chemistry, biofuel, and cosmetic applications. His research activity is documented by more than 170 scientific peer-reviewed papers, 10 books and 10 patents. 

G. Cravotto –
Professor of Organic Chemistry at Turin University
Giancarlo Cravotto became a researcher at the Department of Drug Science and Technology (University of Turin), after four years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and a year at the Techniche Universität in Berlin. His research activity in the domain of green organic synthesis and processing, is documented by more than 360 scientific, peer-reviewed papers, 18 patents, several book chapters and four books as editor. The extraction, purification, synthesis and chemical modification of bioactive natural products has been the focus of his research activity.

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