Closing Banquet

Included in the Full Subscription ticket

To conveniently close the Conference we have organized an unforgettable evening, that is traditionally recognized as being the spearhead of the scientific events of the Italian Society of Cosmetic Chemists.   

The Gala Dinner, Closing Banquet and show will be held in the “WJC Square”, an immense square covered by a stratified structure made of Zinc metal – Titanium and steel – glass: WJC Square, the first and unique in its category in Milan, positions itself among the Italian venues as an innovative and versatile space

The place will be conveniently assembled to maximize the performance of the well known International Soprano D’Arti Silvia Colombini: her concerts are musically cross-over (opera, lieder, operetta, songs, spirituals, popular music, pop), and her performances are always semi-scenic, so that, in addition to singing, the audience is also involved in acting. The program is created every time ad hoc for the customer and always very varied and brilliant.

In each of her concerts, she changes different high fashion clothes or important manufacturing and performs an unpublished specially composed for the occasion, in order to give a uniqueness value to the evening.

She has devised a concert format that can unwind during dinner with short musical sections, after the first, the second, at the time of dessert and during the toast. Also in this case, she sings, recites, passes between the audience involving all the participants.

On several occasions, she has been an ambassador for opera abroad, with concerts in India, Africa and Vietnam. She has performed tours in Japan and in China, where she is called "The Queen of Italian Opera".

She is the creator of an innovative singing method: "ARS - C Arte della Resistenza Passata", presented for the first time in one of the oldest and largest universities in China: the Tongji of Shanghai. 

The show will accompany a high quality dinner provided by a well known 3 Stars Gourmet Da Vittorio and will end with a farewell dancing party, launching a bridge towards Yokohama 2020

Location: “WJC Square” – Viale Achille Papa, 30

Dress Code: Black Tie Optional
Provisional Timing (to be confirmed) 

6.30 pm: Opening Remarks and Awards Ceremony
8.15: Gala Dinner & Show 
11.00 pm: Dancing night throwing a bridge towards Yokohama 2020
12.00 pm; Closing of the 25th IFSCC Conference in Milan



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