Cultural Event

4 options on-demand, to satisfy the cultural and touristic requirements of the Conference 
The program of all events follows this scheme: Meeting at the location; Expert Guided Knowledge tour; Aperidinner

All events will be confirmed when a minimum number of participants is reached; in case of cancellation, the payment will be completely refunded

OCE 1 - Cenacolo: One of the most known world Masterpiece in the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci death!   

OCE 2 - Elisir D’Amore: a guided visit to one of the most famous Opera Theatre in the world, followed by G. Donizetti’s Opera assisted from privileged places!

OCE 3 - Sciences and Technologies: a guided visit to the scientific and cultural heritage of Leonardo where you can make experience with many working miniatures of Da Vinci inventions! 

OCE 4 - Teatro alla Scala Workshops: were craftsmen produce and rent to all over the world most of the handmade scenographic works
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