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A Thought for Maria

A Thought for Maria


Maria Ferrero one day at the end of November left us, closing with silence an exuberant life full of initiatives: too early for all the projects she still had in mind and which she certainly would have done, but still in time to leave a indelible memory in those who have had the good fortune to collaborate with her or to listen her lessons


Simultaneously teacher and student, personally and on behalf of the Association, that has often seen us collaborate especially in the "Itinerari Cosmetici", which arise from our initiative, I would feel obliged to draw a professional and social profile of Maria.


The risk, in these cases, is to fall into the rhetoric; this is why I limit myself to proposing two "frescoes" of her personality that she left us as a legacy and which many of her interlocutors will use as guidelines for their life: his love for Tango, a synthesis between the harmony of music and passion of the dance, and the representation of the crew of the sailboat, a metaphor of the moral superiority generated by sharing of objectives in both project and social groups. Thanks Maria also for these two beautiful behavioral "icons" that you gave us



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