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25th IFSCC Conference “Where IDEAS went into ACTIONS”

Now we can be really proud! I am usually very cautious, waiting for KPIs (my friends  make fun of this!) to substantiate my feeling, but this time I do not need any confirmation from statistics!  All the spontaneous comments we have picked up since now are fully complimentary!

I can say that this is a natural consequence if your projects are based on shared ideas that respond to the following principles:

  • Satisfy the needs of your stakeholders; we have taken into consideration their requirements learnt from recent International Congresses of the same type;
  • Be innovative, without being extravagant just to be innovative
  • Be creative in the way you merge innovation with tradition and culture

With this in mind, we have at the end pursued our goals, despite the difficulties met during our long journey through ….. space!

Some numbers

  • Scientific highlights: one magisterial, two plenary, five keynote speakers; 39 podium lectures, 20 spoken posters (new this year), more than 300 scientific posters and five workshops.
  • Attendees: 730 full registrants, 104 exhibition-only, 75 scientific program-only, 75 students, 150 to workshops, 131 additional gala dinner and social program guests
  • Participants by country: Italy 291, Japan 215, France 150, Korea 104, China 66, USA 47, Germany 45, Brazil 29, Spain 26, Switzerland 21, UK 20, Taiwan 15 and others 74 representing a total of 37 Nations

Numbers do not tell the whole story! We have achieved some of the most challenging objectives following  the space route, where the Universe was taken as a metaphor of the Conference core theme “CosmEthics: Science and Conscience”

Prof. Michael Zaworotko, opened the Scientific sessions with a memorable “Lectio Magistralis” showing how  the Cristal Engeneering  discipline has evolved from “design” to “function”

The scientific sessions, grouped according to a reference Planet, where introduced by eminent scientists: Claudio Montecucco illustrated the possible use and misuse of Botulinum Neurotoxins in Cosmetics,  Fabio Iraldo, the use of “Product Environmental Footprint” to foster green marketing in Cosmtics, Luigi Rigano the Concepts in Cosmetic Stability, Juergen von Hagen the application of Translational Cosmetics from Cell Biology to 3D skin, Patrice Bellon the use of Neurosciences applied to measure emotions and wellbeing, L. Gilbert on how to sustainably innovate in cosmetics, Maria Rescigno how Microbiome is more and more impacting the Cosmetic business

The same themes, where also the most represented  in all the scientific presentations (Podium, Spoken Posters and Posters)

During the Gala Dinner the following IFSCC Awards were assigned to:

Best Podium: Kazuki Takagaki (Shiseido) : "Holistic Beauty—Three Dimensional Macroscopic Visualization of Vasculature in Skin and its Physical Relevance in Skin Aging."

Best Poster: Marisa Meloni (VitroScreen), "New Insights on the Role of Adipose Tissue by Using Scaffold-free Organoids."

Host Society: Vito Rizzi (University of Bari) "One Pot Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Snail Slime for Cosmetic Applications"

Following the same Space route, the layout of the exhibition hall was organized in Asteroids, each of them allocating  a set of booth, scientific posters and gourmet stations, thus directing people to visit all the islands! This new layout was one of the most appreciated feature of the whole Conference

Is now worth mentioning the “Made in Italy” distinctive touch that has characterized  the Conference

  • the Opening Ceremony, the Gourmet Islands, the Gala Dinner have been highly appreciated for the quality and variety of the proposals
  • During the Opening Ceremony, the Deproducer’s show “Planetarium” with high level music, sophisticated images (by NASA and ESA) and the play of the astrophysicist F. Peri, have narrated the story of the Universe in a really original way!

  •  The performance of Soprano D’Arti Silvia Colombini at the Gala Dinner and the unforgettable Cultural Evening, visiting Leonardo’s “Last Supper” and the “Teatro alla Scala” backstage, followed by Donizetti’s Opera Elisir D’Amore, will stay long in the memory of the lucky participants!

  • The 20 Video Chapters, created by the Astrophysical Journalist Luigi Bignami, were published on the Conference Website, showing spectacular images of Planets and Constellations, highlighting their peculiarities in connection with the Cosmetic Science


  • Also the supporters (not Sponsors!) organization has followed the Astrophysical scheme: they were not classified in the traditional hierarchical ranking, but allocated in the Constellations, each of which giving the right visibility and additional benefits related to the importance of the donation

  • Last but not least, to reinforce the Ethical mission of the Conference, part of the Supporter’s donation have been devoted to a selected list of NGOs

For all the above reasons, we are sure that the 25th IFSCC Conference in Milan will stay long as a milestone within the IFSCC scientific events

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