Step Up Your Game With Tudor Black Bay 41

Tudor Black Bay 41

There are so many models of watches to choose from, but the customer always wants the best. Tudor, a brand that no one is unaware of, has made it possible for everyone to wear elegant and sophisticated timepieces. It gives a similar finesse to what Rolex provides at a reasonable price to everyone. Maintaining the standards of dependability, Tudor makes sure that there is no compromise in the quality of watches and that there is no room for complaint from the person that is wearing a watch from the company, be it any model or make. Let’s discuss the tudor black bay 41 watch.

The Black Bay Watches


The Black Bay model has many variants designed and developed by Tudor, and the customers love this series which the popularity of these models could explain. Some examples of the variants of Black Bay are- Fifty-Eight 925, Fifty-Eight 18K, Chrono, 36, GMT, S & G, and many more. It is a plethora.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Black Bay 41 Specs

The company keeps working for the betterment of the watches that are developed. So, Black Bay watches have also been through slight modifications for better specifications of the models. These modifications are small updates like in the watch’s bracelet, presenting the timepieces in more colors, termination of the silver color used for the dials of the watches, and use of diamond hour, minute, and second hands.

Have a look at what Tudor Black Bay 41 has to offer to the owner:

  • The dial of the watch has a diameter of 41 mm
  • Anyone who owns a branded watch makes sure that his or her watch is safe from water because if the water somehow enters the watch, it could damage the entire machinery of the watch. The Black Bay 41 gives a water resistance of 100 m preventing it from major damage even if the watch comes in contact with the water
  • The material used for the making of the case is stainless steel
  • The easy and convenient design of the bracelet for quick closing and opening is equipped with a T-fit
  • Sapphire crystal used in lens
  • MT5601 Movement
  • Gives an amazing power reserve of about 70 hours
  • 4 Hz, equivalent to 28,000 vph, is the operating frequency of the watch.
  • The watch’s price depends upon the markers fitted into it. There are primarily two kinds of markers- lumed and diamond markers. The cost of the watches with diamond markers is somewhat higher than those with the lumed markers. The price range for the watches with diamond markers is about $4,900, and that with lumed markers is about $4,050.

Since Tudor no longer use the silver dials in their watches, the available colors were blue, champagne, and anthracite. The anthracite color variant is newly introduced.


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