Different types of vinyl flooring

A vinyl floor is made up of several layers of different materials which, when coupled, form a stable, resistant and durable surface. The two main types of vinyl floors are LVT and vinyl in rolls. Both are made with the same materials but, to change, it is their construction structure. For example, the plank format is ideal for reproducing the effect of a wooden floor.

what are the different types of vinyl floors?

Vinyl floors are all vinyl floors in rolls, also known as vinyl in sheets, and LVT floors (luxury vinyl tiles) luxury vinyl plank flooring in bluffdale.

LVTs represent a type of vinyl flooring designed to reproduce natural floors such as parquet and ceramic. Thanks to advanced technologies and high definition designs, vinyl floors are now a valid alternative to natural surfaces as they offer a huge selection of designs and colors available in plate or slat format. They are also available in two different structures, rigid or flexible . The modularity of the LVTs makes them versatile and easy to install, especially indicated in the case of renovations thanks to the possibility of being laid on top of existing floors.

Vinyl floors in rolls are surfaces with fiberglass backing made in roll format, in a wide selection of colors and designs suitable for all styles: from the most classic to the most original and creative. The vinyls in rolls guarantee a flexible, resistant and lasting solution; they are also 100% phthalate-free with low VOC emissions, thus helping to create healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

How long does a vinyl floor last?

A vinyl floor is generally considered to be a material with high strength and durability . However, there are important factors that determine how long your floor can last, such as the quality of the material, the method of production and installation.

Both LVT and vinyl in rolls, are treated with a special PUR surface treatment that guarantees high protection, making them more resistant against stains and signs of wear. They are also equipped with a special transparent wear layer which improves their durability. Our Rigid LVT floors are further enhanced by the innovative rigid structure (RCC) for improved strength and excellent dimensional stability. The product is therefore also resistant to variations in temperature and the presence of humidity.

Water, heat and cold do not alter the appearance of a Rigid LVT floor in any way. The top layer is strong and durable to prevent the surface from being damaged in any way. Rigid LVTs are ideal especially for high traffic areas where a surface that lasts a long time but with low maintenance costs is needed.


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