A good organization starts with the Website. The top level content of each page wherever it is not self-explanatory is hereunder specified.  Consider that the website has to be seen as a growing organism with many sections “under construction”

From ANY page you can access the Contacts and the SICC/IFSCC Websites

The NEWS collection contains a session entitled “From Cosmos to Cosmetology” which constitutes a serial storytelling of the scientific relationship “Cosmos to Cosmetics”,

A SLIDER at the bottom of any page will bring you to the Early Birds Supporters’ Websites

From the HOMEPAGE you can access all the other pages

GENERAL INFO contains logistic information, the general program and the instructions on how to Register and book the different events

The SCIENTIFIC page represents the Solar System giving access to each topic of the Scientific program: click on the Planet and look at all the lectures in program within those Keywords; the subpages will bring you to the abstracts in the SESSION THEMES; from the same page you can access the call for papers, with instructions and timings to submit abstracts, and the posters, courses and workshops program

The EVENTS page contains also the Accompanying persons program

The EXHIBITION and SUITES contains also the general terms and conditions and the booths’ plant with link to the exhibitor websites

The SUPPORTERS page represents the Constellation space in which you can access the list of benefits you can obtain booking the option. Instructions on how to become a supporter and how to take advantage of the interesting benefits for the early birds supporters can also be accessed by the relevant buttons

The Page HOTELS AND TOURS will give you a directory of the Hotels, Pre- and Post- Conference Tours and Private Transportation


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