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Yonagoshi Residences

Japan’s Tottori Prefecture is home to the city of Yonago. It is the second-largest city in the prefecture after Tottori and has a population of about 149,000. Yonago, which started as a fishing community, has developed into an industrial hub that makes iron, textiles,steel, pulp, and processed goods. The experience of relocating to a new city or nation can be scary.

Search for rental homes in Yonago-shi that are welcoming to foreigners. Even better, there are no handling, renewal, key, or security deposit costs to pay. You have access to a variety of apartment options.

Apartments for Rent in Yonago: 2K, 2DK, 3DK, and More

Yonago is easy to navigate, thanks to the abundance of surrounding transit alternatives. The apartment building is a 4-minutes walk from the Nikko Bus Hino Line Nagae Danchi. To go around the city, you can also think about going to one of the nearby train stations, including Kishimoto, Higashiyamaken, or Yonago Station. Here, 3DK apartment rentals begin at roughly $43,000.

Families will do well in 3DK apartments, which start at about $42,000. Parents and kids can benefit from the accessibility of the adjacent Sakitsu Elementary School, Yumigahama Junior High School, and Saki Nursery, all of which are within easy walking distance. Shinozuka Station, Wadahama, and Yumigahama are close train stations.

Browse a vast range of 2K apartments in Yonago-shi today.

2K apartments in Yonago-shi

How can I apply to rent an apartment from Village House in Yonago?

Felt infatuated with one of the Yonago-shi 2K, 2DK, or 3DK rental apartments? The documents that you must get ready in advance are listed below:

A precise duplicate of the front and back of your Zairyu Card, also known as your Japanese residence card, must be included with the application. All foreign nationals moving into the flat must do this.

A copy of your income certificate may contain the most recent pay stub, pension statement, welfare receipt, or pay statement. You must present an employment contract or job placement notification outlining your expected compensation if you recently changed jobs or received a new job offer.

A copy of the passbooks from the accounts where you will register for direct debit and where you will deposit your paycheck. Your name and the date of your most recent transaction need to be on this.

Can you move into your Yonago apartment right away after signing the lease?

You should submit your application as soon as you have chosen your desired Yonago apartment for rent. The following would have to be provided by you:

The first rental month’s payment will be prorated, and the second will be in full, along with the customer service charge.

The cost of mandatory insurance begins at 10,000 for two years.

Before moving into your rental apartment in Yonago-shi, your application must be processed for at least 10 to 15 days.

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